D. Metadata and Data Management

Detailed and organized record keeping is critical for drone ecology work, especially for cross-site comparisons.

Metadata records:

Site Master Log 13 June 2017

More information on metadata records (GCP, etc) is available in the above spreadsheet (pdf version Site Master Log 13 June 2017 Sheet1).  Keep general mission records here, even if mission must be aborted/fails.

Flight Log Sheet 13 June 2017 Sheet1 (Flight Log Sheet 13 June 2017)

Detailed metadata sheet for each flight.  It is CRITICAL that these are filled out for each flight and stored in the associated FlightID folders.

We will set up a cloud-based data repository accessible to network members late this summer for teams to upload flight metadata, ground truthing data, and UAV imagery.

In the field, it is recommended that teams keep triplicate (at a minimum) backups of all data on separate hard drives.  Please store data in folders using the naming convention detailed in the Master Log Sheet file (avoid spaces and uncommon characters):

FieldSite (choose unique 3 letter code) -> BlockIdentifier ->FlightID

e.g., QHI_PS1HE_FL001M