F. Planned Products and Next Steps

Participants in HiLDEN during the 2017 season (and beyond) will be contributing data to a synthesis paper focused on using UAS data to address cross-site questions about tundra ecology.  This paper will use the data contributed from the 2017 field teams to address fundamental cross-site questions and develop new lines of investigation.  We will target an international ecological/global change journal for this manuscript.  There may also be opportunities for separate methods focused manuscript(s) targeted at remote sensing journal.

We will tentatively plan on holding a side meeting in association with the Arctic Change meeting in Quebec City (http://www.arcticnetmeetings.ca/ac2017/) for those who can make it to discuss what was achieved this summer, data analyses to date, the further development of protocols and data collection for 2018.

We are also exploring funding opportunities for work beyond 2017. If any network members hear of other funding opportunities that we should apply for or would like support in applying for, please let us know.